8-bit Theater

Since i am new, I do not know if anyone has posted this before =)

For all fans of FF, there is a great comic called 8-bit theater that uses the sprites from FF1. Its a long running comic and funny as hell.


If you read or have read it already, Ignore =)

Anyone on the net who does NOT know of 8-bit doesn’t read webcomics. BTW, it’s linked on the RPGC Main site, and the FFCompendium.

I don’t sleep at night unless I’ve quoted 8-bit-theater 3 times in the day.

My favorite one was the one with this line
Theif: You realize of course this means Fighter is the smartest.
BM: I want to cry, but there aren’t enough tears.

:get it?: I actualy found RPGClassics as a result of following a link from 8-Bit Theatre.

O_O We were linked from 8-bit?

Yeah. Unless I’m not remembering correctly. Maybe it was 8-Bit and RPGC having their links near each other on some other page’s link section.

But I’m pretty sure 8-bit theater had a set of link banners, one of which led me here. (Or maybe it was some other part of that guy’s “Nukleapower” site.)

Never heard of it.

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Originally posted by Xelopheris
O_O We were linked from 8-bit?
We were in the link page for a long time, up until he changed the site layout methinks.

<img src=“http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~chod/d.gif”>I just started reading 8- Bit Theater.It’s so DAMN funny.I like it.