72 posts! Yippee!

Guys, I think you should go more easily on this RPG Knight. After all, he’s obviously an introverted and scared little guy who can’t take out his frustrations with life on other people in reality, because they’d probably beat him up, so he comes and has to vent on an online forum where he can’t get hit. Show some sympathy. Think of the kittens. That sort of thing.

Well, they probably can’t beat me up, I’m much larger than the average person. I do take my frustrations out on other people in reality, too. I’m basically just doing this for fun. The other kind of bully.

Keep the spammming up and not only will you see your post count dropped but your access cut off. I frankly don’t care who you want to bully or beat up. Its not going to happen on my turf so stop making idiotic statements.