666 posts. Time for a Satanism Thread

Except that Hitler killed millions of people and most Satanists haven’t killed anybody. I’m sure just as many Satanists are evil as Christians are evil.

Really, comparing a group of people to a bigot who methodically and purposely committed genocide with the intent to destroy every race except the ambiguous Aryan one is quite poor in taste. At least back up your arguments. Here’s an easy one- why don’t you systematically break down each of Satanism’s points and tell me why they are wrong. If you did that, I’d start listening to you. If you go into a thread shouting “Gaaah- this is evil because it’s evil!” nobody is going to listen to you.

Nice comparison. Now let’s compare fluffy bunnies and bullets, since they obviously have SO much in common that they’re almost the same thing!

In that case, what about Electronic Arts? :wink:

EA is the devil

Advice: think before you talk. And inform yourself about certain topics before you choose to talk about them.

smashes head on keyboard repeatedly

ahem. 666, the number of the beast, is NOT, in fact, a reference to Satan, but rather to the Roman emperor Nero.

Many theories. The nero one just seems very <i>likely.</i>

That was quite an interesting read.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s Nero or Satan or whatever. I was referring to a song called “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard the song, but I didn’t read the thread, I just tend to automatically respond when people start talking about “666 Satan! Woo!”

If I ever actually bothered with a religion then I’d definately look into Satanism. The main reason for this is because the Christian Church has the largest say in almost everything in new civilization.

You could akin this to a country who’s leader consistantly and constantly belittles his opponents, after a while saying that they are evil and murderers, until the people actually believe this without any longer needing proof.

For all we know, the church could be the actual evil worshippers. It’s quite apparent they work covertly with most things to do with politics and published speech and the depth of unsubstantiated belief of some of their followers is just shocking. Almost a brainwashing for the masses as it were.