6. This isn’t how Samurai Shamploo ends?!

Two weeks ago I watched episode 12 of Samurai Shamploo, where the boys are reading Foo’s (Fu’s?) “diary” for clues to what she knows about the Samurai that smells of Sun Flowers, but last week Cartoon Network aired episode 1 again! Please tell me that episode 12 was only the final episode of Season 1, and not the end of the series?! I’d be pissed to get all that involved with these characters, only to know that’s how it ultimately ends!

No. There’s 26. Doesn’t end quite the way you expect it to, but its ok. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty more to watch.

Thank God!

I suffered through 1-20 and lost interest just after the fake-Christian priest episode and just lost all interest. How does the series end?

Ending spoilers

Fuu’s father is sick. He’s a christian, and escaped to protect his family. Goverment sent some awesome samurai dude to kill him, and tracked Fuu’s journey the whole time. Jin fights the awesome samurai, almost dies, while Mugen fights 3 bounty hunters, and almost dies. Fuu’s father is killed by the awesome samurai. They all live. They go seperate ways.

There’s two major plot points at the end
-Mugen tags Japan with grafitti
-Mugen saves japan by beating up Americans at baseball