5000 Posts... woo?

I almost decided not to do it, but what the Hell not?

You know the drill. Ask me questions. I’ll answer them. I’d apologize for being unoriginal, but it’d be horribly insincere of me. Ask away, peons.

On a scale of 1-10 how funny would it be if nobody posted in here?

Why’d you stick with G.A.P. as your posting name? (Your old one was cooler. In my opinion anyway.) :wink:

How many different names have you had

Why are you such a fucktard

What RPG character do you identify with the most, and why?

How big is your cock, really?

Is it okay if I use your “comparing the white album to hamlet is like comparing star wars to waiting for godot” line in one of my reviews?

The Beatles’ White Album? It’s on a very long list of things-normal-people-like-that-I-loathe.

Star Wars though, is AWESOME.

Compared to most Beatles stuff, it’s not that bad (still, the only Beatles album I’ll listen to of my own volition is Sgt. Pepper’s). The point of the quote is more that “you can’t compare something that’s just made for haha fun to something that aspires to have some sort of deep significance.”

In that case, the analogy fails. Star Wars is a bit more than haha fun.

I would’ve said it’s like comparing Muse to Radiohead :stuck_out_tongue:

Done any writing lately?

So, apparently (from you signature) the 984 would allow a man to ejaculate into his hair.

You are full of lovin’

Whose lovin’?

Is there an affair going on that we should know about?

Why don’t you find out and stop?


What is a man?

What is a Trillian?

Who is better and why: Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore? (Perhaps I should ask who you prefer but NO DEAL.)

Is this how its going to be with you?

Do you have a question you wish someone would ask?

BTW, the one SG asks about Lickin’ Sticks doesn’t count.

Whatever could you be referring to? Could it be my punitive responses to your tripe? Or the way in which I express the feelings of anyone who has the unfortunate pleasure of reading your posts? If that is what you are worried about, I sincerely apologize if I gave you any airs on the matter; clearly I would never intend to ostracize you for such trivialities. Surely the majority of the forum goes can attest to my kindness and humility; so again, I must suggest that you are mistaken if you are implying I mean you any kind of animosity.

Or perhaps you misquote, as this is a thread about questions directed to GAP- and I am sure he will respond to you with due kindness, as you have clearly done nothing to provoke anyone’s ire.


Edit: Oh and I would like to ask GAP to post a picture of him flexing his sexy bod. Yo’ :stuck_out_tongue:

So i guess that when all your left with is words, you tend to look down on people who don’t use them as much. And what is the majority of the forum, 30 people that would probably rather side with you than a new guy who doesn’t mean any harm? :noway:

Unfortunate pleasure? That’s quite paradoxical.

Want to help me Kill All Humans?