500 Posts

As all of you do like 1000 Posts, and I doubt I’ll ever get that high, im going to celebrate my 500th post.

So make a scene over it.


145 posts! :hyperven:


OMG you got 501 posts too cool.

Before this devolves into flames, or is locked:

You people realize there IS nothing wrong with celebrating a posting milestone- or with posting question threads, either? Just because some people post garbage just to increase their post count, doesn’t mean EVERYBODY does, or that every question thread will be full of inane stuff? (Some recent such threads, such as Sorc’s, prove it.) If you’re so concerned about it, why allow a post count in the first place? I think the rewards for certain number of posts should be eliminated- just give everyone the ability to customize titles, etc. for free, and they won’t post to gain them anymore.

And you know, counting posts is a better measure of participation than how long one has been in a MB. Odds are that if you have 500 posts or more, that it means you care to post on a site, and that most of your posts were at least tolerable (or the Mods would’ve kicked you out by then.) We pay way too much attention to the whining of a few.

Sorry. It’s our general policy to leave only 1000 post threads (and every thousand posts after that) open. Mostly because 1000 is when you get a title, and every 1000 after that shows you have no life.