(500) Days of Summer

Because no one talks about movies like this at RPGC, for some reason.

Seriously, best movie I’ve seen in theatres in years. It’s sort of like…well, a chick flick, but for dudes? And I don’t just mean “a chick flick that guys will like”, but it’s a…a Dude Flick? I guess?

Anyways, too good. stfu and go see it. It’ll be like all of your guys’ birthday present to me (or just send me money, that’s cool too).

I’m planning on catching this movie also… and that was before you added your stamp of approval. :smiley:

I saw it and loved it. It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen in a theater that didn’t end up disappointing me at least a little.

I don’t think the meaning I took from the movie is necessarily the intended meaning, though. In that it is sort of the opposite of what I think one is supposed to take from the movie.

Arac, how do you mean exactly? You got me all curious.

The movie was so fucking depressing that my girlfriend immediately broke up with me right after seeing it. You may notice I’ve been spending more time on RPGC the last month. It’s because of this movie.

No, it’s because you kept yelling Zeppelin in Flames! right before you donkey punched her.

My outlook is far more depressing than the one the movie is supposed to give, I think. Basically, I thought it was about how Love doesn’t always fit; Summer was the one girl for Tom, in my opinion. She didn’t love him back, and that sucks, and that’s the way things are.

I guess I kind of feel the same way you do, only my outlook is much less depressing. I think…

The movie was more about how you need to look at relationships more clearly, and you can’t (and shouldn’t) try and force things to fit your romantic ideals. Tom loved Summer, but it was unrequited. It was made clear from the outset what Summer’s disposition on love was, and that there was no guarantee that he would ever change that for her, but he tried anyways. That wasn’t a great idea on his part, and I think he eventually realized that - why should he be in love with someone who doesn’t love him back? Unrequited love is just…obsession, I think. To me, it seemed like Tom realized this too, and that’s how he moved on, even though it was hard for him.

I can understand why it might not seem so positive, though. There was a scene where Tom was talking to his sister, and she said "Next time you reflect on your relationship, try to remember what was bad about it, instead of just remembering what was good. What followed were a bunch of scenes which, to me, seemed like they were supposed to be a recollection of things that weren’t so great in their relationship, but were ultimately just kind of weird (like Summer crying when she saw the end of The Graduate). And yet, it seemed like Tom acted as if he had understood the point after reflecting upon those memories. It was kind of awkwardly presented.

I think the main difference is that I don’t think he can just stop being in love with her, and, in the long-run, I’m not really sure if he will move on. Partly because the movie seems to make the argument of one real love, which is something Tom immediately feels for Summer, while his closest sign of moving on is awkwardly flirting with a girl a job interview. I left feeling like Summer was the girl for him, and his unrequited love is something he’ll never really be able to shake.

I agree about the part with his sister, none of those moments really seemed that bad. That’s part of why I think I felt the way I did about their relationship.

If this movie is anything like Juno, I’m gonna run right by it.

Juno was alright, I guess…this didn’t remind me the slightest bit of Juno, and was definitely a LOT better. Was there any reason you made that connection in particular?

Quirky, “indie”, romantic comedies?