5 works of art that could kill you.

Personally, I like the Fire Shower the best.

Personally digging the airgun. What’s that? You just wanted to enjoy a nice walk in the museum? Well too bad, now you’re being blown about in a mini tornado.

The walking beach giant bugs looked incredible. Regarding the more lethal altrnatives… the hunting machine? Exactly what prompts a man to create a machine whose only purpose is to run and stab things?

These things are mistaken somehow for art, but are closer in fact to a Disneyworld attraction.

Sometimes it’s hilarious the things people will make. And then the explanation of “proxemics” for the air gun exhibit: anonymity + shooting people without reprecussions = fun? Yeah, that’s high science there.

Hmmm…I really don’t think the walking machines should be on this list. They’re really quite neat and not nearly on the same level of lethality as the other ‘art’. First of all, they’re quite large and hard to miss, so if one’s heading towards you, plenty of time to avoid it most likely. Secondly…how much harm could one really do if it hits you. Unlike a machine that runs at you with a knife…Dunno what that crazy dude was thinking with that one.

The walking machines might not be lethal, but they were the scariest things on that list.
It’s got more legs than a ZZ Top song. And ZZ Top songs are pretty unpleasant to begin with.

The coolest was the airgun, by far. Someone needs to find that site…

If anything, I think this confirms the notion that you should never piss off an artist.

Because they may destroy everything with a giant flaming metal snake. :]

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[i]If anything, I think this confirms the notion that you should never piss off an artist.

Because they may destroy everything with a giant flaming metal snake. :][/i]


That said, those wind walkers can be quite dangerous if you happen to be downwind of one or more of them on a very blusterous day, and beaches are known to get quite blusterous sea breezes.

You know you’re dedicated to your art when you have your hand blown apart by it, get your toes sewn on as replacement fingers, then go on to create a killer robot.

I was thinking of getting a puppy, but now I want one of the beach robots.

The Shockwave Vortex Gun looks like the Annihilator Gun from Total Annihilation. Though I bet it doesn’t take a nuclear reactor to power it up.

Wow, those are all incredible. I particularly enjoy the killing machine and the walking beach creatures. The kinetic sculptures were the most interesting because I recently worked on a kinetic sculpture project at school the last couple of months. I hooked up sixteen gloves to watertubing and valves which were hooked up to compressed air. I should post videos soon when I get them uploaded to youtube.

Man, that Running Machine is so metal it’s not even funny. That should be in a music video for a death metal band. Also it reminds me of a project my friend made for the same kinetics project. He hooked up a vacuum cleaner moter to a big contraption he made that kind of moves around with flashing red lights. It looked pretty deadly under dimmed lights.

… Badass. I can’t even pick out any over the others.

I’m both amazed and appalled. These are definitely works of art, as it took imagination and skill to put them together (The Beach Bugs in particular are my favorites.) However, assuming the reviewer is saying the truth and these things have poor or no safety precautions, they are just asking for terrible accidents to happen. It’s like they are saying, “we love art, but hate people.”

Nuclear bombs take imagination and skill to put together. Even better, its explosion looks beautiful.

Is the atom bomb, too, “art”?

Doctor Strangelove probably thinks so. :wink:

It IS beautiful in a sense, took a great load of creativity and wit to create, and there are very few images that can cause emotions as strong as seeing the goddamn mushroom cloud over an area with people living in it.

But, since we’re going on an entirely subjective point here, what is YOUR arbitrary and completely subject to personal opinion definition of “Art” and how do these things miss that?

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Doctor Strangelove probably thinks so. :wink:

Especially when the discussion of said art evolves into a discussion about how many females should each male be paired up with after the art show. :wink:


You’re inviting me to step into a minefield here, but I’ll humor you. These things resemble art in the way that Stephen King and Danielle Steele resemble literature. I do not know how to properly categorize them. For this question, we’re clearly working within a limited technical sense of the word “art”. Art as I am using it, which is the highest form, covers a number of rather discreet (although constantly developing and inter-mingling) traditions, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, for example. Most recently, and to our great profit, the cinema has been elevated through the achievements of its masters to being a similarly reputable discipline. Perhaps television and video games will or already have done so, in a smaller measure. The knife wielding robot which attempts to slay its viewers, however belongs more to the tradition of combat engineering than to any worthwhile development in the field of sculpture or public performance, if that is indeed what its designers would insist on. Just because something “makes you think” doesn’t make it art, I’m afraid.

In all honesty, no one can say what art has become in his own generation. Its very possible, maybe probable, that the true lovers of art will let the knife wielding robot assume a place within their tradition. Though I can only recognize that eventuality as a loss for art.

On the other hand, the sand-crawling robots are fascinating to my eye. I’ve long thought over the aesthetic uses for wind.