4th of July Thread!

You know, because we have two threads for Canada Day and NONE for the US of A. The “What are you plans for the long weekend?” thread doesn’t count.

I don’t have a cool picture with a bunch of American folks like whom ever made the Canada Day thread did, do I’ll just use a smilie: :suckah: Since, you know, Mr. T had an impact on some folks…in and out of America, right?

I don’t like your country, Sir.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/crotanks/usa_snake.JPG”>

I did say some had stole some land from the Britsh, I think it did not work.

If you don’t know what that is about you need to read history Books.

We’re so great we don’t need to flood some message board with US RAWKS threads. Or even post in the one that’s around. We’re humble like that. Not like those arrogant Canadians.

But…why not? Maybe I should go to Canada sometime. I hear you have a very foreign, white substance on the ground in abundance there. I wish to investigate this rumor myself.

As a Puerto Rican, I’m American by birth, and very proud of it. Without the US, Puerto Rico would probably be another poor caribbean nation. Besides, when you live in a World split in between “Super Powers”, you’d better side with the nicest one.

Not to mention I just love American Pop Culture. GO USA!!!

Oh, I’m tempted to post a picture too.

Say hooray for the USA!

waits for a Muhammad “AAALEYEALEYEAAAA!” Hassan interferance

I believe a song in the movie Team America put it best:

America, FUCK YEAH

Yay for fatass women. :confused:

Hell yeah, size 0 skirts in the States are too large for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Set Your Arm on Fire day.

Ya, go america, i might not like some of the things they allow, but other than that, Rock on Usa, Rock on.

We have tow threads for Canada because Canada rocks twice as much as the states. That and RPGC is very Canadian.

Rock comes from every where but canada my friend. We shall not start a fight over who is cooler, canada, or USA, because half the people here are from Canada, and about a quarter of them are from the us, and the other quarter are from other places. It will be long and ugly, the way no one wants it to be, unless…never mind.

I lit a sparkler.

I now hate all threads pertaining to national holidays of any kind

I like the side that you don’t.