4000 posts done differently

Like the last few people who got full thousands of posts recently, I am not in the mood to follow the old “ask me questions” bandwagon. I already have [edit]answered[/edit] every kind of question from you guys, and I’m not answering them here again. You can see my responses here and here*. If you really wish to ask me something, PM me.

So, I had this idea to make the thing in reverse… I am wasking you questions now.

I had a lot of things to ask you guys. Most of them, I would do via MSN or chatroom for they are personal. That narrows down to a list of general questions, which I happen to have lost, so here goes two things that just hit my head as I type now:

Number one thing I wish to ask: that thread about shaving had an impact on me larger than I’d expected. So, I’d like you people to take a look at these pics of my hairy legs and tell me what you think of them. Attractive or repelling? Please elaborate.

Nomber two: if you really care, post a testimonial about me.

edit: number 3: is Cavelcade by any chance Charlie? Found out while checking old threads, but didn’t want to summon a zombie topic.

*Lol… While searching for those threads above, I found a thread where me, Manus and Kor spent three pages just talking about women. Guess which member unexpectedly got into the talk?

Edit: I took out the pics cuz they’re too fucking big and there are rules about these kinds of things.

Well they are hairy, and they are okay looking for it’s okay for a guy to have hairy legs.

Er I don’t know what to say about you. You seem to know a bit about a lot of subjects, even some topics i’m interested in too.

You mean Cavelcade = Charlemagne? Uh no. Though you could link to the zombie thread.

Anyway cheers to doing something original for this post milestone thread :toast:

…Charlie? Like…Charlie Brown?
Well anyway, no. I was Darkness Beckons, but that was unnecesarily angsty, so I changed it to this.

I hate guy legs period. But I’ve seen hairier. har.

Also… I like that floor pattern, or whatever that happens to be.

You had never really done anything memorable for me to pick you out by, and well, now you have. I will forever remember the hair and the pattern.

That’s the carpet in my PC’s room (yes, I have a room as big as my own bedroom solely for the PC. It’s already a member of the family, you see).

This is even better than that time you posted links to a pornsite.

WTF? I don’t remember that. Care to refresh my memory? Me linking to porn? I’d been banned if I did…


I think Sin missed it, If we keep it quiet, he may miss it again.

All that’s left now is a thread about Setz and his anus hair.

He could at least have posted something after editting my post T_T