4 of my drawings,

okay just to show you what kind of artist I am … not, I wanna show you what I’ve done so far! The best is a drawing called Cookie, a cat girl. I can do heads pretty well, if they look straight ahead, but as you’ll see in Angel and Samhis, I completely such with drawings of bodies. Well I wanted to load Samhis and Angel, but they seem to be too big, so all you will be able to see is Cookie. This took me three days to do, perhaps four, I don’t really remember. Never the less, I can’t draw bodies worth beans.

Pretty good. When you are zoomed out, it actually looks like a cookie.

LOL thanks for the laugh ^^ I never noticed that before. She does look like an anime cookie that way, hahaha. Anyway what does everyone else think?

I think it is really good! :slight_smile: …Better then what I can do lol

That is AWESOME!!!Because it is a cat-girl and it is drawn VERY well.

Thanks guys, ^^. Of course she would have sucked had I done her body. Like I said, I can’t draw bodies worth dookie!

Are we not seeing the same drawing or are you guys just blind? The coloring looks like it was done by a five-year-old, the left ear is too big, you can see the pencil marks, and I can go on forever. You really need some practice. :\

okay harsh, but critisim builds strength they say. Photoshop kinda ruined it a lot, showing a lot more of the errs. And yes, I really screwed up on the ears, ears, like bodies, are not part of my fortee. Thanks for viewing it anyway.

I think you need to focus less on just the outline and colour and develop a way to visualize the object to be drawn as a 3-D or semi-3-D mass (yes, even anime needs this). The problems with the ears, perspective, and lighting/colour would probably be improved by that, for example.

Thanks for the advice, believe it or not, this is by far my best work yet, ^^. The other stuff was okay, but stunk compared to this.

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That is one smooth box with a red x in it.

ha ha I don’t mean that. That red box was my badge from the FVZA.

Well, if you were going for ‘realism’ (anime style raelism, so take that with a grain of salt), I’m hard-and-fast with all of the negative comments here, and I’d like to add an utter lack of apparent shading or depth beyond line drawing. However, if it was meant to be in a more cartoony anime style, than the only problems I see are in the lack of depth, ears, and colouring. However, professional colouring is done with computer or paint or at least ink, so I’d say this is decent for whatever material was used, and the rest is just a little bit of practice.

What I did was create her with plain number two pencil, then outlined her with a thick black pen, and used crayon colored pencils, as I really can not afford all of the fancy stuff.