33x what the best tv on the market is

Super hi-def televions. Jesus fucking christ.


I can’t even conceive what this is like. It seems so completely superfluous though. I think technology would be better invested in converting stuff so we can see like in 3d , like what that chinese guy did with the wiimotes.

We already have 3D technology. In glasses form no less!

33x more? I’d like to know who’d produce content that wouldn’t look like shit on it. It may be a good idea keeping an old-school tv aside to play old games on.

I don’t think this is superfluous. Top of the line HD is what, 1920x1080 stretched across 60" of screen. A top of the line monitor can probably fit twice that or more into a sixth of the space or less.

I wish the article said something about the res. Having a 10m screen means nothing if you have to sit far enough away for it to look like a 20" monitor anyway. Big size only works with even bigger res.

But if people are getting motion sickness, I’m willing to bet the res is there. So I’m impressed. Which I haven’t been with HD yet.

I like it.