30th anniversary of Dungeon & Dragons

Did anyone celebrate 30th anniversary of Dungeon & Dragons?

If it weren’t for D&D this cite wouldn’t exist.
And all of us would still play games like “Centipede” and “Space invaders
Just a thought

No I didn’t celebrate it, I can’t stand it. Also, there was a fantasy genre around before D&D. Even if D&D wasn’t created, it would have hit the mainstream sometime.


gurps is just as good as D&D…but i like D&D…so i guess im just the easy to please type? but i refer gurps…but go D&D and Gurps for being awesome…and i like space invaders…“DROP DOWN INCREASE SPEED”

How are you holding up seifer? I heard there was a big mortar shelling in your town today, you ok?


I think he meant how D&D gave birth to RPGs, not to the fantasy genre.

It was the first RPG, right?

I still wanna play D&D someday :\

So far, so good. Allah akhbar.

Yes, that’s exactely what i meant. But before D&D there was this:


D&D instead of “Space Invaders”? :wink:

D&D invented all the RPG conventions, like leveling up, boss monsters, and dungeon crawling, that are STILL used on most video RPGs today. Ironically, many tabletop RPGs broke with those conventions long ago.

But I guess that means, we get to have our RPG pies AND eat them.

:hint: -Hmmm… pie…

Never played, never cared.

I’ve played D&D sparingly. The DM was an asshole when I played recently, so I didn’t have a joyous time. He tried killing us all the time :frowning:

I’ve always wanted to play D&D, but I’m clueless towards the game. Sure, I play games based on the rules, but don’t I need to buy like, a place-mat, and a set of rules or something? Someone explain.

You only need the core rulebook. Everything else is optional (the monster manual and DM guide are highly recommended, though. Even if you arent the DM, the DM guide has info on stuff like prestige classes which IIRC were never touched upon in the core rulebook)

I’ve played D&D, but was never good at it.


All you need.

But, how do you play D&D? I mean, do you write down skills for the next occassion?

That and resist the urge to bean people with my supersize d20.

I’ll discuss this in 3e terms.

As a player (which you will undoubtedly be as a beginner) you create a character to play- determining the attributes (Strength, Dexterity, et cetera), Race, Class, Skills (climbing, perform, et cetera), Feats (“cool stuff” like Cleave, Power Attack, et cetera), and Spells (I want to cast… magic missile!). Afterwards, you take your character (and most of the time, a bunch of other people’s characters) and go through an adventure created by a “Dungeon Master,” who is basically the narrator and director of the story. Not only does he control the story, but he’s the one who throws all the monsters and traps at you, designs the maps, treasure, et cetera. To determine if you kill monsters/use skills correctly/cast a spell without fucking up big time you roll various different types of dice (that you can find in hobby stores or, in the case of d6es [six sided dice] in any board game). That’s about it.

To be honest, GURPS or Toon or something is a much simpler system to handle, in my humble opinion.

And to answer where you write them down… well- sit down son:



Fail Setz?