30 Minuet Montages of Nostalgia



Granted that these openings are only the tip of the proverbial Iceberg of Cartoon Openings, but seeing these reminded me of some of the better moments of both the 80’s and the 90’s (namely the 90’s as the 80’s montage is somewhat weaker) and so I felt compelled to share and discuss.

I see no minuets here, not even Castlevania. Good vids but old news :wink:

Ah, yes, these. I remember watching these. GOod stuff. …I can’t believe they made a freakin’ Dragon Quest show, though.

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I see no minuets here, not even Castlevania.

“You have failed me yet again, Spellchecker!”

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Ah, yes, these. I remember watching these. GOod stuff. …I can’t believe they made a freakin’ Dragon Quest show, though.

I was aware of it’s existence (in fact there are two different DQ anime), but I could not have foreseen it’s inclusion into the video. I was instead surprised to learn of the existence of Samurai Pizza Cats.

80’s Animated Shows Rules!! 90’s Animated Shows Drools!!


Gargoyles, and Batman the Animated Series. Nuff said.

Aww, I’m just being funny, V. :stuck_out_tongue: In fact, Gargoyles is on my List of Best Non-Japanese Animated Shows of All Time. So are Justice League and Avatar, neither from the 80’s.

I dont remmeber if I posted that here. It’s beautiful nonetheless!


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In fact, Gargoyles is on my List of Best Non-Japanese Animated Shows of All Time.

You know a thought occurs.

Why, in the name of all that is Kick and Ass, hasn’t any of the Gargoyles appeared in a Kingdom Hearts game yet? It would be so much cooler to join forces with Goliath than with that douche [STRIKE]Squall[/STRIKE] Leon. Hell I’d rather have Darkwing Duck than Leon (Not that I have anything against DW, in fact, why has he made a cameo appearance yet either?).

I may have just come up with the makings of a potentially awesome Fan Fic right there. If only I payed more attention to those KH games (or were more of a fan of them).

I think Disney charges a royalty per character, and ones that weren’t in full length movies are not considered “worth it”.

Though I did find the Darkwing Duck Megaman clone game fun back when I was a kid.

Which one, Khalbrae? I had the game boy one, which was pretty awesome and tended to kill me without hope that I’d ever finish it. I may have to go look for a youtube vid or a rom for that.


While Disney owns Gargoyles, they are very much the product of series creator Greg Weisman, and they’ve had disagreements on how the series should go. However, the series still has fans to this day and there’s even a comic book continuation being published these days. A Kingdom Hearts game would be a perfect vehicle to reintroduce them to the masses (hey, KH II has Steamboat Willie in it!)

And Darkwing Duck is probably my favorite Disney superhero, it was written very cleverly with lots of comic book references (how many people here know that the DW Episode “Planet of the Capes”, in which DW is stuck in a planet of superheroes, is based on the comic book series “Normalman?”, for example? Not a lot I imagine. :slight_smile: ) And since they already have Donald in the cast, another Duck character would not be a bad fit.

Anyway, the KH games are going to need more series to exploit for future volumes (they can’t keep using the Little Mermaid, etc. forever) so let’s hope we’ll see some of the above characters eventually. Or maybe Pixar’s as well (since Disney now owns them.) I would kill to play The Incredibles in a KH game!!

And Killmore: you may want to check this link:


It allows you to download (or E-read) the KH comic adaptations.

There’s no Les Mondes Engloutis, Les Trois Mousquetaires, Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or or even Ulysses 31! Boo! ( Not even Count Duckula )

What a sweet deal that was for Pixar shareholders, and for Steve Jobs in particular – the company cost him $10m in 1986, and twenty years later the Mouse inc. takes over with a $7.4bn offer.
Mr. Jobs is one mean money making machine. :wink:

Well, actually what happened was that Pixar was almost let go of by Disney, they were even setting up their own CGI animation branch until somebody realized that was like giving away the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs. After some hasty re-negotiations, Disney bought Pixar outright (and closed down its CGI branch). While both sides are happy with the arrangement, I can’t help but fear that Pixar’s unbridled creativity (which is the key to their success- these people don’t just make movies, they LOVE the movies they make, and it shows) and which was once Disney’s own hallmark, may be diluted by The Mouse’s merchandising politics. (I hear Toy Story 3 is in the making… don’t get me wrong, I loved both TS movies, but I’d rather continue to be amazed by each new, original Pixar creation than see endless CGI movie franchises. Maybe Pixar should focus on the movies and Disney continue them as traditional animation TV series (The Incredibles would have been perfect for that.)

I heard that they canned TS 3 as soon as Eisner left. And if they still haven’t then they should do so. IMMEDIATELY!!! This world already has more than enough trashy straight to video sequels to last till the end of time. Pixar doesn’t need to have their reputation ruined too.

I think Disney has fired all their trad animators but my memory may be playing games.

They did, when they started the CGI branch. However, the Pixar people have said they want it restored for certain projects. (In fact, a full-2d animation movie, The Princess and the Frog, is now in production. It is notable for being the first animated Disney movie with an all-Black cast.)

You mentioned Count Duckula. Please have my babies. :kissy: