3 Word Story

Okay here are the rules:It’s A final fantasy(include monsters and characters form all the games or which ever you choose) story but you can only write 3 words per post for example: “walking down a” and then someone else posts sumtihn like “in a spooky”(and i want this to be more of a comedy not all serious but can have some serious things and no double posts) so here we go:

One day in

The toilet bowl.

Sephiroth pooped himself.

while cloud was…

washing his panties

Along with Barret…

Cloud smiled and

kissed Cid passionately

Sweaty man love!

when suddenly tifa

admitted that she…

always wanted to

admit her true…

feelings for the

<img src=“http://cala.nulani.net/images/calacat.gif”>((This has been done before.))

sexy woman Rinoa…

Who turned her.

(cala: sorry didn’t know that)

into a sex

then she jumped:runaway:

<img src=“http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~chod/d.gif”>then a cheese-monkey (One word)

grabbed her boob…