3 Week Till The Release Of Advent Children...

Exactly 21 days from Advent Children is released in Japan on UMD and DVD.
US and European release dates have yet to be set, though the rumours say it won’t be long.

Find the second commercial here: Click

The original commercial is here:Click

Though the sites are in total Japanese, it’s not hard to find them.



Sweetness can’t wait till it comes out in the us.


Let’s just hope their’s not another set back or that it’s a fake date.

Or that it’s such a sad disappointment from the story…

  • it better do well! Or I may just lose my faith in them…


Hurray, i cant wait…whoops…i think i just pissed myself…crap.

good and all, but not as good as if it came out today. waiting is such lame sorrow…

It’s been delayed.

I never mentioned the US release, only the Japanese :stuck_out_tongue: