3 VS 6

I’ve paid FF3 [US version]. I now have FF6 for PS1. Is it worth playing 6? Or should I just sell it?

Edit: Paid = played

I know there are bonus things, like FMVs, monster list, some other things I don’t recall, but is 6 actually worth going through when I’ve completed 3 twice?

You should keep the playstation version and send me the SNES version as soon as you can. That would be the best thing to do.

Seriously though, just play the Super Nintendo version and forget about the Playstation one. It lags like hell and the extras aren’t super fantastic.

Oh yeah, and instead of editing “paid=played” just change the word next time. Thanks! :wave:

You can see (and save) the FMVs by using a program called PSMPlay. Other than that there isn’t any real reason to play it over the SNES version (well… you can run twice as fast in FF6, and Vicks is Biggs, but no biggie).

Then there’s the issue of loading times, which I hate.