2D versions of 3D games

Okay, so I’m assuming everyone knows about the 2D Ocarina of Time thing, and I’m thinking, what other 3D games do you people want to see in 2D? In my case, I want Phantasy Star Online.


Tell 'em, Raja!

Oh crap …

Raja’s Voice: Because the HUmar demands it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Worms 3D

Grand Theft Auto 3. Oh. Wait. It’s called GTA2.

A 3d version of, moonwalker staring Michael Jackson, oh, wait, i got it backwards…

Hmm… maybe its just me, but I don’t see why you would want a 3D game to be in 2D. I think 3D games just look so much better, unless the graphics are total crap. I wouldn’t want to play and 3D game in 2D. Maybe I am missing something that would change my mind, if I am please tell me.

Diablo II perhapse, that would be kinda like secret of mana though in some aspects. Shenmue would be kinda cool, but it woulden’t work.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirseneo.gif”> Dark Cloud 1 would be good, as it had a “2d Zelda” feel to it. Plus you can mix in a system from Actraiser to make it portable fun. :smiley:

I want SoM to be 3D T_T

I’m of the opinion that 3D doesn’t automatically mean better than 2D. They’re both different styles of doing games, one isn’t better or worse than the other. I’ve seen plenty of 2D games that look better than some 3D games, and though 3D seems to be the whole thing lately, I still think there’s a place for good 2D games.

Wait, I thought Diablo II was a 2D isometric? O_o I mean, I know in the setup the settings have the option of using DirectDraw2D or Direct3D, but either setting looks about the same.

Anyways, with the 2D vs. 3D, I think it depends on the game, and how it was made. Like Metroid was good in 2D, but it also rocked in 3D. ^^

Someone should really, REALLY make an RPGClassics game.

I think that if DOOM were made in 2D, I wouldn’t enjoy it any less than the 3D verion. Also, when Warcraft was made 3D, its appearance stayed very similar to the 2D version.

With RPGs in particular, especially good RPGs, 3D isn’t necessary, because they can have very simple appearances without really taking away from gameplay. Earthbound, for instance, has crappy graphics, but it’s still a good game. Also, Wastleland has terrible graphics compared to Fallout, but it is still easily the superior of the two games, in my opinion.

It’s all a matter of taste, some genres are designed for 3D, some will only really work in 2D.

That said, though…

Skies of Arcadia, by some way :hahaha;
FFVII :yipee: would work better on the GBA than many would give it credit for
Grandia 2, for the same reasons listed above :wink:

I guess it’s only really RPG’s that can work both ways… hmm… the other answer would have been Lemmings but that blew in 3D :thud:

There aren’t many games I’ve played in 3D, so I’m not sure. Final Fantasy 7 and onwards maybe?

Originally posted by yoshmeister
Someone should really, REALLY make an RPGClassics game.

Its in the works. But i think the person that was making it stopped.

Originally posted by yoshmeister
Someone should really, REALLY make an RPGClassics game.

What would it even be about, if someone did make one?

Read the Site History, it should give you some ideas.

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Read the Site History, it should give you some ideas.

That’s not what I meant. I meant what the premise would be, not what the story would be. Having the story alone wouldn’t give you your point of view in the game nor your characters’ purpose.

Maybe I worded it wrong. Its not that I think a 2D game would be bad, heck I mostly play 2D games, its just I don’t see why you would want it to be 2D when it can be 3D.

Because old-school graphics rule all.