27 Days til School in IRELAND

Just throwing that out there

I hate you. Class for me is here, and starts in two weeks. :frowning:

Awesome. What sort of classes will you be taking there?

3 Journalism classes - nothing that isn’t offered at my home school. But then I’m taking an English class called “Memory and Identity in Irish and English Fiction” which I’m extremely curious about.

I like around a week before I head back to school to finish up my four years and grab my Bachelor’s in Business.

23 Days :slight_smile:

Why Ireland? Oh, and watch out for leprechauns and Cavelcades.

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, and this is one of the very few chances I’ll ever get to do anything like this (if not the only chance, though who can say for sure?). Plus it looks great on resumes. Or so they say. Also, I just wanted to see if I could do it.

What is a cavalcade?

A strange creature which lives in Ireland and posts on the Agora.

What part of Ireland? Dublin?

A procession of riders. Irish rpgc member.

Watch out for Irish whiskeys as well. These can be dangerous.

edit: F5, dammit.

Hahaha, got it.

Yeah, Im living in Dublin. Santry, to be exact, just outside of Dublin.

Cool, sounds like it’ll be a fun time. You should bring some Lucky Charms with you and eat a bowl in public to see if anyone comments on it.

Are you joking? That is how my brother died!

Cool. How long are you staying?

Feb 3rd - May 30th :slight_smile:

I implore that you tell us about the bars.

Of course I will. I’ll have pictures.

There’s not much to tell except that we don’t drink water between other drinks. Apparently you USA-folk tend to do that. Pfft.

You would say that. Of course it would be nothing special to you.

Two more weeks. :smiley: