2006 2007 NBA at last

So the season has finally came about and i just wanna know if anyone of you guys have any predictions for the season.

So first off ima say that the Cavs are gonna go all the way. Lebrons is probally the best player in the NBA.

The NBA is flashy Sports Center garbage. All anybody ever tries to do is make that layup look omfg uber kewl so they make the web gems.

It’s all college.

Sorry, didn’t mean to trash your thread.

do you watch college BBALL

Whoa! Deja vu…

This just in: NBA Finals delayed to make time for NBA preseason.

I watch the Final Four, but otherwise, not really. I dont really like basketball too much, but damn the final four is just thrilling!

Did anybody see the cavs game where lebron walked off like a little bitch. i was suprised.

Voters in Seattle and Sacramento refused to fund new arenas for their basketball teams. Now the Oklahoma City investors who own the Sonics are thinking of relocating the team. The Maloof Bros. (Kings owners) might also move if Sacramento doesn’t build a better arena.

Thoughts? Having lived in both cities, I could care less. Especially in Seattle. There’s already two 70,000+ stadiums and one 50,000 stadium in the damn city. Key Arena probably won’t be torn down, meaning yet another venue would be built to house a shitty basketball team.

I love college basketball. The best “league” ANYWHERE. NBA I like watching occasionally, but I can never even make it through one quarter. It is really boring to watch.