2004 Spring Break Project: What to Remix?

Hello everybody! I’m not dead, just been busy as HAIL!

Spring Break is next week, and I ain’t got SHIT planned, so I’m thinking about remixing a song or hopefully two. And I need some suggestions. I was thinking about another Pillows song/melody/watermelon.

However, when I came home two weeks ago, I found that ALL OF MY TOOLS had been deleted by this dumbassed virus-detecting program my mom installed. On an ironic note, the computer acts up just as bad. However, I did save all my shit on CD-R’s, so hopefully everything will come out alright.

In other news, I’m SUPPOSED to get that gods damned computer in within three weeks, so then I’ll be able to 'mix more often than presently.

So, drop off some suggetions, m’kay?


Final Fantasy X-2 1000 Words.

… I’d like to hear the Temple theme from The Adventure of Link by you. Fancy trying it?

How 'bout something from Eternal Champions? That game had some great music. VGMusic.com has a few MIDIs.

How about To Far Away Times, the credits song from Chrono Trigger?


Cowboy Bebop - Blue

hmmm…hows about the Hellsing theme (don’t know the name).


Last night, I called my mom, checking up on things and the like. She said the computer has an error where it kept on popping up shit like “low on resources” which is bull because I deleted a lot of things and stuff. Hopefully, this won’t interfere with my mixing project.

Spake o’ which, the suggestions sound great! Keep 'em coming!

Robo or Frog’s theme! =D

Gabrie Celestia’s theme from SO2!

(The music that plays when you fight her)

Finish up the class of 2003 mix :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, about that…

I’m not working on the 2003 project any more until I get a permanant computer, and if I have the time. The summer actually looks very promissing what with the forecast of a Student Job and I’m only taking one class a month, so hoorj!

Btw, I made some quickie MIDI piece of “White Ash” and “Flame” on Finale (rather slipshod compared to everyone elses though) and it’s on my old site, so check it out if you’re interested.