2000th Post Interrogation (questions) thread

I didn’t do this when I reached 1k posts, nor did I really intend to do so when I reached 2k posts. But I’m bored as hell, see? Ask me anything you’d like and all that jazz.

  1. I see your favourite book is Volume 1 of VHD. What did you think of D’s characterization in it? He seemed quite different than he was in the anime; more detatched, but also more feeling.
  2. Do you know of the top of your head how many teeth you have?
  3. Which Blues Brother would win in a fight?

Are you still hooked on DBZ or you did like the rest of us and admitted the second half should have never happened and decided to leave it as a fun memory and nothing else?

Am I the only one counting the minutes until //G.U. comes out?

What’s your sig about and what’s the “KY” in your location?

Crotanks smash?

How much ass would Solid Snake kick if he got inside Castle Wolfenstein?
How long would Mantis take to die of a heart attack if he was surrounded by Mei Ling clones?
How many fingers am I holding?
Pancakes or muffins?

What kind of guitar are you rocking out on these days?

How many boards would the Monghels hoard if the Monghels’ hoards got bored?

What’s a scion?

Soon I shall kill you. AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!

Sup with that?

1). I prefered his characterization in the novel much more than I did in the horrible movie that was based on it. I must agree with you, he did seem more detached, yet he was also more feeling.
2). 34 or something like that
3). Dunno. Never cared much for 'em :stuck_out_tongue:

1). I agree that it probably would have been best had it not happened, but I still enjoyed it so I can’t complain.
2). No. No you are not. I assure you :stuck_out_tongue:
3). My sig is from the Boondock Saints. Damn good movie man. And its the abbreviation for Kentucky.

Crotanks smash. Crotanks smash good.

1). I can’t count that high
2). I think he’d burn them all right before said heart attack would take place :stuck_out_tongue:
3). …Why you HOLDING fingers?! Is this why your sis hasn’t been posting?! HMMM!!!
4). …Oh fuck. Um… pancakes. Tough call though.

…Wally gets the job done nicely :stuck_out_tongue:

Those Monghels hoards would attack way too many boards before those Monghel’s hoards got bored, my friend.


I dunno, but I’m keeping my dog (I don’t have one) away from you! >=O


Why don’t you have a dog? ;-;

I’m not cleaning up after one :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is your 2000th post infinitely inferior to my 2000th post?

Because <i>certain people</i> don’t mistake me for a female based on my avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Evil Ryu or Shin Akuma?
Bison or Magneto?
Torm or Tyr?
Middle finger or reverse V-sign?
How many people would a drunken dwarf run over in an M-1 tank?
How come Vulcan Raven goes around barechested in friggin’ Alaska?
Who is da man?
If you add Amy Rose, Haruno Sakura and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, what do you get?
What is the purpose of meaning?

am i a girl?

What’s the meaning behind your name?

The finger is universal
About 7 before passing out
Because he fucking can :stuck_out_tongue:
We can’t talk about da man… the Patriots are listening!!
Fuck if I know >_>

…I don’t know. And I don’t wanna know :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a bunch of letters formed from my full name.

Hm. Maggie’s teeth are coming in crooked. Tell me, Crotanks, has she been sucking on a pacifier?