200 ton bridge stolen over night


How the <i>HELL</i>?

Wow, who knew Carmen Sandiego was becoming active again…

Damn you, David Copperfield! D:

Maybe that bridge was actually a robot in disguise. 0.o

What feats of daring and dastardly doing are these?

Maybe the news source isn’t reliable.

You think that’s impressive? Robert Babo once stole the Empire State building.
Frankenstein helped him, though.

“They plan to replace the bridge with one made of concrete.”

I bet the thieves will steal it again, if only to take the metal rods that support the concrete structure.

Then the next bridge will be made entirely out of delicious taffy. The thieves will have their plans disrupted through excess consumption of the taffy or get caught in the middle of their sticky business.

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you! They brought it there and sold it to me!

Damn Beavers!! >.<

Suck that, Arséne Lupin.

Wow, just when you stop that stuff could only happen in the movies. . . . BAM!

Gosh, Sin, are you telling me that Ananova isn’t a reliable news source? Gosh darn. I guess that means that chicken DIDN’T survive two days in the freezer. :-\

I have a completely unrelated bridge for sale if anyone’s interested.

I’ve got a three feet long wooden bridge up for grabs.

Still, that’s pretty skillfully done. I hope they get caught, though.

This seems a good place to mention there was a gang that picked up whole ATMs with bulldozers in Greece.

Level 70 Grandmother has epic talking cat: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2677078.html

Do you know how many Capitalist Pig-Dogs you have to kill before you can get the Mahjong Tile drop? And that’s just one of the items you need before you can get Talking Cat