200 post thread

5 years and 8 months of RPGC and I am just now reaching 200 posts.

Were any one of those 198 posts of any value? No.

Will my posts gradually get better? No.

Will I ever reach 1,000 posts? No.

Am I only at 200 posts because I spend 10 days constructing each post? Yes.

I know you are all dying to ask me questions for the special 200th post. You got 10 days to think of those questions, so make them good.

Dude, no. It totally doesn’t work that way. You need at least 1000. Otherwise I’d have to see these damned things more often.

Agreed; boo you whore.

We actually have prohibited these kinds of threads prior to 1000 posts or made for random non-milestone post counts. Sorry.