20 Questions with Lord Vader


It’s 20 questions, Dark Side style. Can you outsmart the Dark Lord of the Sith and his trusty companion the Burger King? Quite fun, really.

I refuse to believe that he didn’t get ‘The Force,’ but he hasn’t, yet.

It took thirty questions to guess mine. What was the deal with where he stuck out his hand and the window moved around?

It is he who is weakminded!

He didn’t get lemur until the very last “Is it one of these?” and he didn’t get potassium at all.

Dude…he said no specific objects…lest he choke you out black sith lord style fool…

They programmed gravity, freedom, faith, spirit, electricity and other forces into it, but not The Force. Unbelievable.

Took him 29 questions to get “lightsaber.” I’ll admit it’s pretty easy, though.

25 questions to get mace.

29 for light sabre

but only 7 for bloody cocaine filled condom. And only 12 for Aids infected Needle.

Damn…Vader’s all about the dirty sexual STD-related paraphernalia. Bet you it takes about 6-7 for semen stained bedsheets.

Well he couldn’t guess gloves, within twenty questions. Vader really needs to improve his Jedi skills.

I think I’ve stumped Vader too. I’m not getting any more questions. Couldn’t guess sword, but guessed dragon.
EDIT: Also guessed starship, lightsaber, hamster, african parrot and penguin. I have to think of something more difficult.

Holy shit, he guessed platypus, with 17 guesses too I think.

*edit: hahah, he didn’t guess guitar.


Pretty damn fun.

Couldn’t guess pornography, Vader sucks.

I said mineral and he guessed Menopause. WTF?

took 22 to get vampire bat and 17 to get baseball bat.
the burger king dude actually walked into the room and whispered into Vader’s ear one time while i was playing! This happen to anyone else?