2 hours....

…till graduation!

Who else is in the Class of 2005?


Congratulations, Cless. :biggrin:

Moi. I am dans le 2005 class.

wow congratulations.Damn I cant wait to get ther hell out of school.

My graduation ceremony will be in June, but I finished school last December, so I guess I’m a pseudo Class of 2005 graduate, though I’m talking about university, obviously.

Hades: It’s LA 2005 class. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, Cless. I would be graduating this year if I had stuck to my model route, but alas… well, I’m looking for work now.

What do you plan to do next? Are you planning on continuing school somewhere else?


If you want, you can get a FREE HUG!!!

…But not from me.

I’m finishing school this year, and had our leaver’s assembly last Friday. I must admit I’m sort of glad it’s all over, for there were a lot of people I would rather never see again.

W00T! It’s official!

Dalton: Now that there’s no more school, I plan on FINALLY, ONCE AND FOR ALL finishing my WoS shrine. As for school, I’m gonna be an Aggie. (Texas A&M University)

Pretty much a free ride, 'cept for a little work study; there is nothing wrong with working at the college you go to, though.

Congrats. Yeah, remeber my high school graduation. That was an awesome time.

Congrats…you should be proud. Have you ever thought about serving in the military?

Moi, je suis dans la classe de 2005?

Finishing 8th grade on June 14th and graduate the 15th, not that amazing of an accomplishment.

Darnit. Lucky dude. When I get out of high school it’s strictly Quad C for me…that’s good 'ol Collin County Community College for the less informed.

Yeah, I was about to sign up for the Navy, but my dad asked me to at least go to college first. He’s helped me tons to get to this point, and he served in the Army for 12 years so I want to respect his one wish.

By the way, did I mention that my parents are letting me host a 5 day lan for my graduation party? It’s aptly named: Lanageddon 2005!

Edit: From June 6 to June 10. 13 hours a night. 5 nights. 65 hours of non-stop insanity.

I graduated about two weeks ago. Twice, actually.

I live/work mere MINUTES from Quad-C! :open_mouth:

CtM: Which A&M are you going to?

Cless is in the class of 2005.

Which Cless? Now you’re confusing me…