2 easy questions, I'm sure

Months ago I tinkered around with the log in/out system when I installed XP. Now it’s just annoying, since I’m the only one who uses my computer. How do i turn it off so that my computer just turns on and loads windows without going to the log in screen? I forget how I did this.

Is there also a program or something on XP that you can set to give yourself reminders and such?

For the first, it’s probably under Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> User Accounts.
For the second, I don’t think there’s one built in, but there’s a program called Personal Reminder I use, which has done everything I need:

I go to the control panel but I don’t know what to play around with to shut that off

You probably have to delete any user accounts you created (but be sure to back them up to the main account!). I think the main account is called “Owner” or “Administrator” (may depend on what version of XP you have).

Sunbird, maybe?

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Ok, as Cid said, go to User Accounts either through control panel, or just click on ure icon at the top of ure startmenu (only possible if ure in XP-type startmenu, not old windows 95/98 looking menu).

Then go to “change ways users log on and off”

Then theres the options you want. Should be two, read and click. If you dont like what you did, no worries, you can just restart/log off and back on, and change it as much as you want.

For the reminders, I use Post-It Notes. Its a software (not the real thing, but it looks like the real thing). It makes little post it notes on ure desktop. i use the freeware version, but the real thing has an alarm option built in. search download.com for it, as i dont remember where on 3m.com i found it (but i know you can also find it on download.com).

Hope all this helps.