2.000 post Question Thread

I’m borrowing a page from Wilfredo and everyone who’s made one of these.

Ask away!

(2 l8)

how are you today?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Is it weird that Wilfredo wants to rape miley cyrus?

Is it peanut butter jelly time?

Why did you do it wrong and make the thread at 2000 when the proper way is to make it about 5 posts before or so then answer all the questions with your 2000th post?

Why is this a 2.000 thread and not a 2,000 thread?

Give him a break, 984. He’s not the first to make that mistake. We can still make questions, except now he’s going to have to come up with another deadline.

And Kasey, I don’t want to rape Miley Cirus- that was what’s known as a “running gag.” The idea was to give the same answer to any other sex related questions made in the thread. Thankfully there weren’t any more. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for my question: What’s your favorite genre (comics, anime, rpgs, etc.) and why?

I was like, 89% the miley cyrus thing was a joke. My question still stands,however.

I’m sorry, but it was not your question to answer.

How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongols’ hoards got bored?

If you watch someone drown and have the ability to prevent it, have you done anything unethical? If so, would it be considered murder?

Also, what is your favorite dessert?

I can probably answer that for you if you want to ask a different question. I’ll let you decide.

What is your favorite color?

And what is the emotional statement of that color and how does it pertain to your current emotional state? (Could you also provide a five hundred character dissertation upon the ramifications of this choice upon future choices pertaining to objects that do not fall within the range of the light spectrum of your preference?)

Who likes to rock the Party?

If science is trying to boil down to everything coming from one, and the more common theological beliefs boil down to everything coming from one, and the epistemological nihilistic belief of everything not existing boils down to everything being one which does not exist, wouldn’t this essentially mean they are all interchangeable in that thought to answer how everything came to be?

Why do you post at RPGClassics?

What do you expect you will regret not having finished?

Favorite mixed drink?

Why dont you have an avatar?

How could you give me the most memorable night of my life and then just throw me out the door, not return my calls or text messages, and then sleep with my best friend? :’( :’(

Joined the European Conspiracy Completed 3000 EXP
Mess up U.S. accounting books by switching dots and commas Failed Wall Street was faster
Return dog to little girl Incomplete
2000 post thread Incomplete

How does your search for the meaning of life go?

What are your plans career-wise?