19.3 partners.


:hahaha; Wow.

That must be awkward, having sex with .3 of a person. I mean half is understandable, but I can’t seem to figure that one out.

Very funny, a result of statistics. Whether you get 19 or 20 doesn’t matter at this point imo. I don’t think you could take my friends and myself and put em together to get that many people who’ve had sex :P. Although mentionning my friends is probably a little unfair…

Although maybe you could point to child prostitution, maybe that doesn’t count as a full partner :P.

I knew that. I’m not a complete moron. I just have no sense of humour. Although I did quite like the bit at the end about the liars. Heh.

For a second I was thinking “I that the American average? Where the fuck is my other 17.3 women?”

I guess America might not be as promiscuous as some people like to think.

And I’M still not getting any.

The solution is simple, move to China.

I feel your pain… but that’s the only feel I want to get from you.

According to a survey, the average age in my country is 16; which means it’s getting late for me ;_;

…and they wonder why China is overpopulated… :-/

It’s like a billion person orgy.

/me kicks the kitty.

I haven’t gotten any either. =(

Done some stuff, never got to sex ; p I don’t think I plan to either

Vilg!! Sin, do you relise you gonna get my stats.

0/0… Virgin, Hehe

You know Those are just condom users… or ones that bought some… I’m nether.

Big Nutter
Vilg!! is Al-bhed for F***

Remember my friend…we have the Bible Belt, and that’s a good chunk of the American population. Damn bible-thumpers…blocking our path to sexual victory :bowser:

Actually Rommel, STD rates are about equal between good little girls that “want to wait” and bad little girls.

Well I’ll be damned…but then again living in New England all your life doesn’t give you much experience with the rest of the US.

It’s because you write fan fiction.

  • This poll has an error rate of +/- 50%

And that has WHAT to do with it?