17 comrades have fallen

The Turkish military reportedly launched a vicious and murderous attack on a Central Committee meeting of the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

Here is a report from the press:


17 fighters of the Maoist Communist Party was killed in Dersim, 7 of them being Central Committee members, as a result of a military attack. The military launched the attack during the MCP Central Committee Enlarged Meeting and prepatory activity for the 2nd Party Congress. Totally 17 comrades were killed, with their bodies heavily burnt and tortured. Dersim is a city of Kurdistan in which the Maoist revolutionary movement is most effective since its birth in 1972.

The fascist army forces attacked the guerillas with war helicopters and heavy gunfire. According to formal state declarations, around 50 guerillas were surrounded by 5 thousand soldiers. As a result of the unequal combat, 17 revolutionary guerillas fell martyr and 3 were captured, while the Secretary General of the party survived the attack. The martyrs are: Members of MCP Central Committee Cafer Cangoz, Aydýn Hanbayat, Alaaddin Atas, Cagdas Can, Gulnaz Yildiz, Ali Riza Sabur, Cemal Cakmak and MCP guerillas and commanders Ahmet Tektas, Ibrahim Akdeniz, Okkes Karaoglu, Binali Guler, Taylan Yildiz, Kenan Cakici, Dursun Turgut, Berna Unsal, Okan Unsal.

The state did not explain the names of the captured 3 guerillas, and the democratic forces are demanding their names. Because the state is notorious for dissappearences and torture, the democratic institutions expressed their anxiety for these 3 guerillas.

The funerals of the revolutionary fighters turned into antifascist mass meetings of the people. In Istanbul, 4 thousand people marched for the funeral of Cemal Çakmak and Cagdas Can in Gazi district. All the revolutionary and democratic forces joined the march under one single banner (Fighters of the People are immortal) and common slogans. The mass chanting the slogans “They Live!”, “Martyrs of revolution are immortal”, “We will choke Fascism in the blood it
spills” marched in the streets of this revolutionary neighbourhood.

Massive funerals were also made in Izmir and Dersim too.

The funerals were a common demonstration of comrades from all revolutionary parties and organisations and antifascist masses, proving that despite the formal propaganda claiming that the state “finished with” the MCP, neither revolutionary fight, nor revolutionary parties in our country can be destroyed with such
massacres. This fight has its roots among the people.








Shit! People died! That’s completely unnatural.

I was almost feeling pity for the murdered ones (the word maoist kept me from doing so), untill I read the word ‘guerillas’.

If they’re doing guerillas in a democratic country, then they are at war with that country. Heck, the word guerilla means “smal war”! And if they are at war, then they must be ready do face the country’s armed forces and the consequences that come with it.

There is nothing wrong with Maoism. As Mao said: “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

Please tell me why communism automatically means right.

You use the word fasict…now tell me in who’s eyes are they fasict?

The communists. Of course to the communists they are fasicts…they are their opponents.

Who is to say your way of thinking (or theirs for that matter) is the right one?

I have heard of Turkey being described as conservative but never fascist.

And man. I’m glad that article is written in completely unbiased terms and no loaded terms. It makes me appreciate their journalistic integrity. Plus, it makes the article appear unbiased. :smiley:

Fascism-Separation and persecution or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population.

Torture remains common in Turkey today. While the government has declared “zero tolerance” for torture and introduced important reforms in the past five years that have significantly reduced the frequency and severity of torture, ill-treatment persists because police and gendarmes (soldiers who police rural areas) in some areas ignore the new safeguards. Due to poor supervision of police stations, certain police units deny or delay detainees access to a lawyer, fail to inform families that their relatives have been detained, attempt to suppress or influence medical reports which record ill-treatment, and still do not reliably apply special protections for child detainees.

Governmental as well as nongovernmental organizations interested in this issue continue to receive substantial numbers of torture allegations. In the first four months of 2004 the Human Rights Directorate of the Office of the Prime Minister recorded that it had received fifty complaints of torture and ill-treatment in police custody. The Turkish Human Rights Association reported 692 incidents of torture and ill-treatment by police in the first six months of 2004. During the first eight months of 2004, 597 people applied to the Turkish Human Rights Foundation for medical attention for torture, ill-treatment, as well as illness arising from prison conditions.

In 2004, most detainees reported ill-treatment describe beatings, threats and insults, but some also complained of blindfolding, sexual assault, hosing with cold water, electric shocks, and hanging by the arms.


So, by your own definition of fascism (which is rather incomplete, quite frankly) and the link you provided, China and North Korea are fascist too. Good to hear that.

Yes 984, current NK and China are.

Edit: Thats one definition I found.

Communism in general seems pretty fasict by that definition considering the persecution of non-communists in communist countries.

And that’s why Turkey, being a democracy, has the moral duty to quench those people who wish for a dictatorial-oriented revolution movement.



WP how and where did you get the translation for this? I had no idea that Turkey had a Maoist party.

I have a friend in the RWOR who showed this to me.