16 Megapixel camera

Yes indeed, you read correctly…the specs on this camera are as follows:


Supports many medium-format and large-format cameras

16-megapixel sensor (4080 x 4080) developed by Kodak

8 bits per color RGB TIFF–48 MB

16 bits per color RGB TIFF– 96 MB

8 bits per color CMYK TIFF–64 MB

16 bits per color CMYK TIFF–128 MB

One-shot technology

Color LCD (pivots 0-80 degrees)—

Instant review


Camera menus

1:1 zoom

Digital spot meter

Stand-alone applications for WINDOWS and MACINTOSH Systems
Long-exposure capability

S-Video output jack

Two slots for storage cards, CF or CF+, or two 1 GB IBM

AC powered or portable with a Digital Camera Battery

IR filter included

Optional removable anti-aliasing filter

…all for the low, low price of $14,995.



I second that Nightblade

I’ll just wait until they make a camera that takes images that are better then reality.

Dang, I didn’t know they were trying to make them with that many megapixels, but then again they are making you pay for it.

I thought trillian was selling it for a second, there.
I never really understood the whole megapixel thing.

See, I’m not sure what’s more disturbing. The fact it was created, the price it sells for (which is more than some new cars) , or the fact people will buy it.

This has been another classic Kodak moment brought to you by Polaroid©

Originally posted by Steve
I thought trillian was selling it for a second, there.
I never really understood the whole megapixel thing.

Well, think of it this way: there are about 1024x768 to 600x800 pixels for the current standard of screen resolution, right? One megapixel has 1 million pixels. This camera takes pictures that have 16 million pixels.

We had to look up digital cameras specs on different websites for my pc repair class, and the guy that sat across from me found that on the Kodak site…I swear it reminded me of that one scene from Blade Runner. O_o

Who would pay that much to get a camera, people who have too many cars already?

I haven’t even seen that much money.

I’m thinking it’s not typically for standard use…

Juudging from the site name and price, I believe this is more of a professional grade camera.

Add to that that if I’m correct in remembering about televisions, and if monitors are anything like them, 16 MPixels (that is, the 4080 x4080) wouls PROBABLY not be very large, or hard to get onto a sensor of any decent size. If I recall, the image from the television (monitor) has to be magnified a bit after being translated.

Or I could ahve no idea what the hell I’m talking about. Either way that camera is impressive, if a bit pricey for standard proessional use outside of perhaps scientific work and pic-heavy mags (National Geographic, Playboy, any modeling mag, etc)

I agree with SS. I think it’s probably used by scientists or something.