1000 posts

its about time. Let’s celebrate with Chupon. :chupon:


:chupon: :chupon: :chupon: :chupon: :chupon: :chupon:

wishes he was an admin, just to piss Shin off and take his post count by about 900

Hey, it’d be fun.

WOW, good job… and let me use this as an easy to be like, “Hey Merc, one more post… to SOMETHIGN!!.. AHAHA >>”


Me too :smiley: Shinobi, MARRY ME :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good for you, but we shiould care how?

Reminds me of when we got our post counts reduced and I got mine reduced from 982 to 800. :stuck_out_tongue:

CONGRATS, SHIN! :chupon: :chupon:

Congrats, ‘Pokey’.

I only have 300 some. ;_;

good for you :chupon: :chupon: :chupon: :chupon: :chupon:

Congrats, i shall join you soon :chupon:

Way to go. You beat the final Agora boss known as 1000 Posts (whose attacks include RequestATitle, Drop Post Count, and Server Wipe). No choice now but to put down the game and go outside.

Or you could keep playing, because upon defeating the final boss, the Seraphic Gate opens up, and the bosses there make 1000 Posts look like a common enemy. Fortunately, there are lots of cool treasures along the way with incredible attack power, and there are three hidden team members you’ll find with strength you never though would be attainable. Best of all, you can now use the Custom Title attack!

Congratulations. 8)

Oh great. You could at least put that in spoilers, Dalton. Now you ruined the game for everyone. >:(

wipes tears from eyes I got the reference and I am PROUD.

I only have 31…

And, congrats.

Congrats,Shinobi. :chupon:

3000 sup fool.