1000 posts

So, this is my thousandth post. Ask questions, and I answer them, according to tradition.

Why must you do this thread incorrectly? You don’t make it when you reach 1000. You make it like 10-20 posts before you reach 1000. Then you answer all the questions at once.

Eh, nobody cares, 984.

What are your two favorite bastard children of the punk genre?

I’ve seen it done both ways, and I didn’t notice until I saw I was at 999, thus making it a moot point. Sorry to letchoo down, the 984.

GAP: Goth and Third-Wave Ska, definitely. And I think you’re allowed to ask three questions, if you have any more.

Okay, then.

  1. Emo: why?

  2. Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus and WHY?

  1. It’s a simple combination of Blake Schwazenbach not thinking before he acts and Ian McKaye being a subculture dumbass. When you combine the two of them and add angsty teenagers who really want to be poetic but can’t stand the sincerity of the Goth scene, they take the idea that Hardcore music can have emotion in it and make it just fucking ridiculous.

  2. I’d have to go with Sisters of Mercy, simply because I find more substance in their music and lyrics. Bauhaus sounds a lot the same to me, with throbbing base and drums over and over, while the Sisters of Mercy bring in some really good guitar lines and vocal melodies. Bauhaus lyrics tend to be a little too offbeat for me to really like them, they seem to be trying a little hard to be avante-garde, no rhyme intended.

What’s your favorite Post-Hardcore band?

How come you’re such a looker at the tender young age of 14?

edit: 15 my bad. you were 14 like the other day or something.

  1. what are your top three favourite bands?

  2. rain or sunshine?

  3. if you could battle any kaiju on the moon, which one would it be? and to eliminate any chance of you asking “duuuurrrr wuts a kyiju” it’s a Japanese way of saying Godzilla monster, pretty much. So yeah, like Godzilla, mothra, rodan, King Ghidora, you know the lineup. hopefully.

Uhm, do you like fighting games?


First of all: Congrats on hanging on so far, Arac!! :victoly:

Serious question: Have you ever posted under another name? Your name reminds me of somebody (not sure who.)

Silly question: Who is the the guy in your avatar?

Hmm, I just realized, I’ve NEVER done a Question Thread myself. Maybe I’ll do it for my next Anniversary… (start preparing them brickbats, gang!) :hahaha;


oops…i went one over. congrats on the thousand posts.

I don’t know… Ran.For.Days is good, but so is Jawbox, and I really like the Mars Volta a lot of late. Some small part of me cannot resist liking Jawbreaker, too.

Arrogant: It’s just who I am.
Innocent: ::blushes:: Thank you. ::smiles::
Serious: Well, really, it’s probably the angle of the picture and the way I look older than I am.

    1. The Clash, 2. The Pogues, 3. Tie between Young Punch and Operation Ivy.
  1. Rain. I’m mildly photophobic, so the sun literally makes me sick.
  2. Well, from a sheer argument of which would be the coolest, I’d definitely have to take King Ghidora, M. King Ghidora, or Destroyah. Three headed dragons and evil oxygen monsters are just badass! From a standpoint of in a real battle, I’d want to take on Biolante, the ugly flower thing I’d actually stand a chance of killing.

After RPGs, they’re probably my favourite kind of game, so yes.

Because there are some men you just can’t reach…

Thanks. :slight_smile:
Serious Answer: I once posted under the name Bill Gates as a joke, but I don’t believe I have. I went to this site for a long time before I registered, though, so it’s possible that I had an account that didn’t post much and forgot about it.
Silly Answer: Billy Kane, punker/Rude Boy/Crime Lord from the Fatal Fury (Garuo Densetsu) and King of Fighters games.

Mr. Green, in the Billiard Room, at Wrench O’clock. Oh, and murder is the what, obviously.

Do you prefer live albums or studio recordings ?

FF6 or Chrono Trigger ?

I here there is some sort of frozen rain that comes out of the sky in Colorado sometines, is this true!?

Do you think instrumental music is worthwhile?

What is your favorite season of the year?

You are one of sharpest/brightest 15 year olds I have ever known. How are you doing academically?

Congrats ^^
You’re the person who’s really good at grammar aren’t you? How’d you learn all that stuff?

How does it feel to pick a fight with Hades…and win?

(omg he’ll hurt me if he sees that XD)

Did you know your an awesome rper?