1000 Posts!

It’s been two years to the day since I first entered these boards. I stayed mainly in the Media forum since I was going through the library of fanfics. What happened to KaiserVonAlmasy anyway?

I remember Charlemagne trying to get me into an agrument about whether dolphins are mammals or fish. I seriously thought he was a complete idiot then.

I remember Weiila getnly chiding me about double posting and necroposting. Her treatment of RPGDude showed me there were some actually some decent people on the internet, saving this place from my cesspool list.

Now that I have nine posts left until 1000, in the tradition of such threads, ask me questions and I will answer them when I reach that goal.

KaiserVonAlmasy goes as Kaiser now, mostly to keep his claim to the Kaiser name over Basara.

What do you mean this place isn’t a cesspool? I personally prefer the term HOLE. :stuck_out_tongue:


The official count says 992. Are you lying to me, Lex. I thought I could trust you. Now I see that I can’t trust anyone.
::smears make-up and pretends to cut wrists::
::sings an awful, awful song about Lex breaking his hear::

What the hell is that black thing coming out of that air conditioner in your avvie?

:moogle: Magic or brute strength?

I have a question.

Is there some secret to hooking up with asian girls?

I’m being serious. I would like a serious answer.

First, congratulations, Lex- not for having 1000 posts, but for staying around here so long. :slight_smile:

Second: Kaiser became a hermit once I suceeded in being more long-winded than he was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Charle was never an idiot, he just played one very convincingly.

And Weiila was one of the reasons many of us stayed here. Not for being a girl, for being kind. :slight_smile:

My question (serious): Why do you think people complain about Question Threads being stupid, when it’s usually not the fault of the person who post them that people keep asking/saying moronic things?

My question (silly): Will we EVER stop having threads dedicated to Sin’s hair? :ark:

Should I stay with this type of Sprites or the Old style?

I will not Buy this Record, It is scrached!

Congratulations. ^^

Can you cook?

What’s your fondest memory here? Foulest?

What happens is science defies the 500 yard restraining order from religion?

Boxers or briefs?

I think this is the shortest 1000 posts thread ever. Whatever. On to the answers.

Cait Sith: The thing in my avvie is a demon in one of the may hallucinations Matt Boyd experiences as side-effects of being cut off from antibiotics.


As to your second question, neither are effective without a proper defense.

Evil_Dave: If there is one I haven’t found it. Most ABC’s/CBC’s I see have non-asian boyfriends so maybe it’s a cultural thing. If you can find one you can relate to, go for it.

Wilfredo Martinez : I agree that it’s not the fault of the person who started the thread if the Question Thread becomes filled with stupid posts. I think that people who post stupid things are friends, or familiar enough with them, to post such things as a joke; knowing the thread starter would brush it off.

As to your second question, I think Sin’s hair is as close to a pop icon we can get here. We all want to be “in the know” even if we don’t care that much.

Big Nutter: Honestly, I can’t tell who the sprites are supposed to be. Aesthetically speaking, I’d say go with the original.

Kairi: Yes I can. I’m not a chef, but I can follow a recipe well enough.

TrkJac: My fondest memory would be reading the fanfics here. Particularly KaiserVonAlmasy’s FF8 highschool fic, Mr D Heart’s “What Quistis Did Next”, Larathia’s Griever Chronicles and their accompanying fics and Pierson’s Diamond Dust trilogy.

If Science violates the restraining order put against it Religion has the legal right to pursue furthur legal action, like increasing the boundary. Or Science can simply be arrested.

GG Chrono: Boxer briefs.

Do Rogues, infact, do it from behind?

Oh man. Now, I don’t know if I’ll do my 1000 posts thread. I might get 0 replys.
Lex, will you post on my thread?

OOooh, that’s what that thing in your avatar is.

looks back at her air conditioner and wonders >.>;

God damnit people can’t do this god damn tradition correctly. You’re supposed to get a queue of questions before you reach your milestone post, then answer them all on your milestone post!

That’s what I did. Since then I’ve posted a couple more times.

Why is Nightblade so cool. awesome and sexy?

What the hell, I guess I’ll answer the new questions as well.

Izlude: You never saw his face, did you?

Seifer: If I’m still around by the time you reach 1000 posts. It looks like you have a couple years to go.

Nightblade: 'Cause you’re old.