1000 posts!


you’re all cocks >:(

How many times have you gotten to 1k by now? I loved the brit Pikachu BTW.

You suck mine

Uh oooooh

Now you’re back in the cool kids club

omg bant?

I just blocked your admission to the cool kids club.

No he isnt hes not on the list.

edit: see?

make post get dizzy

i’m fucking president

I hate thinking…because my thinking never stops happening…EVER

1000 posts…meh.

I have no comment, because I fear… I fear all that is around me and I dont comment on many things… >.> comments back scare me

and sugar…and shits …and giggles…and closed threads.Okay question time!

Pierson…we all know you are British, but do you drink hot afternoon or three o-clock tea?

Oh. I was wondering about the constant change of avatars. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I wear your top hat? ^.~

I hate you Pierson.

Ah, so, he did the obvious and just changed his title to Forsaken One. Got it. Clever, clever man, this pierson creature is.

Do you want a hug?

I love you, you bit piece of Brit meat you. ~_^

I sometimes wonder why I am here in these forums >.> or why I started…