100 best top 100 videogame countdowns

Seems everyone’s getting in on it nowadays. The top two rivals, from what I can see (or can be bothered to find), are gamefaqs: www.gamefaqs.com (as if I needed the link) and this little baby from BT- http://uk.videogames.games.yahoo.com/specials/100games/1.html -who have never really expressed themselves to be true hardcore gamers as such. Tell me then, why does Yahoo’s make so much more sense to me? :-/ The mere inclusion of Tempest 2000 makes me love them forever, a position I did not expect to find myself in.

(and yes, I know that “gamefaqs is full of pretentious wankers” is a valid answer to that)

Whatever sons of bitches put Crono Trigger third make me want to vomit until blood comes up and my asophogus melts. The same with the sons of bitches who put Kingdom Hearts on the list at all.

Oh dear, a bunch of people don’t share your opinions with you on <i>a totally subjective subject</i>. Horrifying.

The reason why so many RPGS are on the Gamefaqs list is because most people who go there for info need it for RPGS.


People still care about these kinds of lists?

I would just like to point out that NiGHTS: into dreams at #97 on the list is a crime against humanity.

Plus, the GameFAQs list is misleading. The list was compiled by people making a top ten list of what they thought other GameFAQs users would rank as the top ten. So, you probably got people putting games they didn’t think were good very high on the list just for the chance of winning free shit.


As opposed to not sharing other peoples’ opinions with me?
Anyway, my point is whoever those sons of bitches are make me want to vomit. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong, or stupid, or in any way less than me. They have a right to their opinion, it just so happens that said opinion is so repulsive to me it makes me want to vomit.