10,000th thread in the forum!

I call dibs!

This thread is stupid, we’ve had far more threads then that.

Way the fuck more, we’ve had purges.

Ok. Since the worm hit. It said 9999 on the thread count.

We’ve also had A LOT of different forums, although Miva, EZ and the current were the main types.

Well, congrats anyway!



It’s also “than,” not “then.” Then that? That makes no sense.

Uh…yay? I think…yeah…maybe…probably not.

Ehhh… yay… free post… whatever.

Word to your mothers!!!

Call it a very small step towards regaining our record number of threads. :sunglasses:

Heh, yep!

I thought so too.

Hurray 10,000 woot!

Free post?

Why are we supposed to care about this?


Well, I agree that this was a stupid thread, but I also agree with those who said “Free post!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I hardly think you can talk in this area, mate. We generally have to correct more than that to read your post. j/k :stuck_out_tongue: