10,000 Threads.

So, the Main Forum has passed 10k. That’s more than 9k. Quite a milestone there. And Sinistral has posted more than once in each.

So, uh, which one actually got it? Which thread, I mean? And can we ask questions from the Agora? Or can we see the Agora from it’s threads?

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I had to >_>

I think it was Cro’s drunk thread that got to be the magic number (not like I was planning to make an ‘It’s over ten thousand!’ thread as the ten thousandth thread or anything).

Man, we really needed to make a Post Toxx Clause thread for the RPGC Main.

Alcohol wins again :smiley:

And fuck you, Hades, I was gonna do that :stuck_out_tongue:

HAhahahaha 9000 over 9000 dragonballz

10,000 Maniacs?

Because the agora belongs to lovers?

Eh, I saw this the other day. Was thinking of making the 10,000th thread, but got lazy and forgot about it. Though what thread actually was 10,000; I have no clue.

On that note, what can we actually ask of the Agora?

That’s it. You are so banned.

Also, I must wonder where you got that drawering from. I have it on my old comp, but I didn’t realize I still had it on the RPGC server somewhere. Probably one of those old bumpers.


According to this, the 10,000th thread is the brain pills thread. Cavelcade, you are hereby banned for not making the 10,000th thread one reflecting the milestone.

I was close, but I still blame Cro for not making the 10,001st thread an ‘It’s over 10,000’ thread when he had the chance.

That’s Sin if you couldn’t tell.

Oh, and, uh, it’s at the top of the 984 purple skin. Which my forums are always on.

Just delete like 20 of them and retry >_>

I thought you used Tutti Fruity.

Also, I totally forgot about it being in the logo for 984 Purple. I stick to Go You Silver Britches. I’ll need to work on Sinistralian Delight over Chrimas Break. Can he have it done in time for CHRISTMAS?! Maybe. Probably. Sure, we’ll give it a shot.

And while thinking back on it, I imagine you missed the RPGC Bumper mini-fad, Arac. Honk if You Love The 984 and whatnot.

Can we do that again?

I tried Go You Silver Britches because 984 brought it up and holy shit this is horrendous. It’s not Tutti Fruity bad, but I’ll stick to Tombstone Grey

Soylent green, ftw.

I love people!

Try and make them compatible with 3.7. I’d like to upgrade sometime before they’ve released 9.8.

I’ve never even tried changing skins on forums. Any forum. O_o

You just have to see Tutti Fruity. Visual horror.