1 of the most basic yet common polls ever concieved

Well it was my 19th yesterday, on Aug 9. So yay.

  1. When’s your birthday?

  2. How old are you now?

Told you this was common. Almost as common as the poll of what sex are you [which always has an alarming dark quality to it].

Happy Birthday, cake or death?

Click on someones name, go to their profile and you can see their birthday and gender if they choose to list it. Though I’d be wary of what gender some people say they are.

Nov 19 of this year, I’ll be 22, but as the last guy said about gender, I’d also be wary of what age some people say they are. I am a Scorpio(which happens to be the only truly misunderstood sign in the Zodiac). I like Playing video games(especially old skool RPGs), Listening to Music(such as Pink Floyd and other classic rock bands, as well as Old Skool Metal and Punk, and even a little hip-hop and nu-metal, not to mention Radiohead…they’re unphuckingbelievable) and oogling women in public(kinda comes with being a male Scorpio). I dislike Emo music, Avril Lavigne, GWB, the 2k4 election, and the government. And I absolutely hate Country music , MTV, and Commercial Radio. And no, this is not a pitch for message board dating.

I’m pink.

1.When’s your birthday?
May of next year.

2.How old are you now?

August 28th


5th of May

now 18

June 18th.

October 9th and I’m going to be fourteen

Feb 26. (I think it’s one day before Macc’s birthday, so I doubt anyone from RPGC will ever notice mine =P)

I’m 20 years old, born on April the 5th, I’m an Aries and I like taking long walks on the beach. I’m an artist and a college student training as an animator. I’m looking for someone who has a cute personality yet can be serious and not “anime cute” annoying.

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~Loooowered expectaaations…~