1. Could anyone advise me what kind of good anime is out there?

As most of you guys and gals know by now, I’m thirty years old, but what you don’t know is I have much younger brothers, and a nephew I watch from time to time. I enjoy anime and magna very much. But I really don’t like the sex/love scenes in most, and with young boys in the house it’s not cool for them to watch or read either.

 That being said, does anyone know of really good anime or magna that could be read or watched without me feeling guilty. I’m not talking purely G rated stuff, but with enough action and mystery that it’s definitely okay for me to watch, and the boys to sometimes see. I do like S-Cry-ed and Witch Hunter Robin, are there any other series like these?

There are a lot of anime with little or no sex or nudity. Trigun has one back nudity scene that’s mostly comedic. In general, a lot of online review sights tell about the content of anime, so you could look on them to see what they say.